St. Katarina Special Clinic

physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation

Member of the leading hospitals 2014

Bračak 8, 49210, Croatia
Doctor-help mittelwert 2014
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Special Radiology devices
The St. Katarina special clinic for orthopedics, surgery, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation in Zabok was deliberetly founded to become an European competitive medical centre with state of the art diagnostics, therapeutics and rehabilitation´s infrastructure. In cooperation with leading European and American institutions and experts, the hospital disposes of latest technologies and methods of treatment. The St. Katarina clinic provides the key medical experts able to secure the best possible quality of medical services to the patients. What distinguishes the St. Katarina special clinic from others is the holistic concept of a professional and technical uniqueness. Professional radiology, orthopedics, surgery, neurology, physical medicine departments grouped in a house allow the best therapeutic procedures and individual rehabilitation options with latest technologies and latest treatment methods. St. Katarina includes six special consultation rooms, a radiology department, five operating rooms, post-operative control rooms with four beds, an orthopaedics Department with 14 beds and a day clinic with five beds for one-day operations.
Other certifications
TÜV Hessen
Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Today, the magnetic resonance imaging (short MRI) because of its useful properties is used more and more frequently. The MRI is a diagnostic method to bodies by electromagnetic fields, which are not harmful to scan by the use of non-ionic radiation. So, the MRI can be used safely even when young children or pregnant women. A sensible and affordable availability of this procedure is therefore extremely important.
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restaurant & lounge
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Hotelierie Service(z. B. Lounge)
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